Andreas Köttl, Ewald Müller und Gudrun Ghezzo bei der Green and Blue Building Konferenz
Gudrun Ghezzo, Andreas Köttl und Ewald Müller als Referenten bei der Green and Blue Building Konferenz
Mehrere Personen stehen an einem Buffet
Menschen Stehen um einen Tisch und besprechen etwas
ABB AG auf der Hotel Optimal Holiday Konferenz


1. GBB CEE - Green & Blue Building Conference

The Green & Blue Building Conference is the platform for all those who want to further develop the construction and real estate industry. More efficient, smarter, more ecological and, of course, economically successful – it works! Trends, strategies, innovations and opportunities come to the stage of GBB.



The programme of the GBB/CEE will soon be created here

On the topic

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Become a partner:

Do you want to use the GBB as a platform to present and explain your products and services? Then don't hesitate to contact us!

As a partner at the GBB – Green & Blue Building Conference CEE you...

  • move in a network of decision-makers from the department management
  • use the trade exhibition as a platform for marketing and sales
  • present your expertise as a speaker in front of a first-class audience
    place your

At the GBB/CEE – Green & Blue Building Conference, you can expect around 150 technically experienced participants.

Your Benefit:

  • Direct access to a top-class target group in an exclusive setting.
  • You take new leads with you and expand your network to top decision-makers.
  • The presence in an excellent lecture program creates attention and thematic leadership.
  • You'll benefit from a multi-stage marketing campaign that includes PR, print, social media, and phone. From advertisements in the print materials, videos of the event to individual blog posts, we ensure a sustainable presence among the leading minds.

Obtain a concrete offer for your participation from:

Mag. Alexander Ghezzo,
Tel: +43-699-15557725

Conditions of participation

Participation free of charge

For employees of civil engineering & architectural offices, real estate management & real estate brokerages, property developers & developers, construction companies, corporate facility & real estate managers

Fee-based participation EUR 1.799,- (excl. 20% VAT)

For employees of service providers for the real estate & construction industry, solution providers & manufacturers of technical solutions, banks and financial service providers

Participation Online Stream EUR 150,- (excl. 20% VAT)

1. GBB CEE - Green & Blue Building Conference

, Andaz Prague